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Since 2010, we have led innovation and new product delivery in business startup services delivered online.
Our Mission

At Cool Tech our mission has always been to deliver high quality, high performance heat cool pumps and chillers. We strive to design energy efficient custom built machines that match each client’s unique heating and cooling needs.

Our Vision

Today Cool Tech is sought out by clients across the UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Our units have even travelled as far as Tanzania, Ethiopia and Rwanda.

Our vision is to continue to grow and become the Middle East’s leading manufacturer of custom made heat cool pumps, online chillers, water cooled and air cooled chiller systems.

Who are we?

At Cool Tech our pride is in our performance.

For over fourteen years we have strived to perfect the methods of maximising energy efficiency. Today we are the exclusive manufacturers of Thermocon Heat Cool Pumps and Chillers in the UAE.

Our rapidly growing roster of clients enjoy a great increase in productivity and a drastic reduction in production costs.

What do we do?

At Cool Tech we customize, design, assemble and inspect all our chillers and heat cool pumps in our own factory here in the UAE. Ensuring each machine is primed to withstand the conditions of the G.C.C.

Today we are highly sought after consultants for third party chillers and heat pumps in the UAE. Due to a lack of spare parts, overlooked site conditions and unmet client requirements we are frequently called in to conduct maintenance, troubleshoot, and even redesign, third party chillers and heat pumps.

Owing to the high standards of our in house production our maintenance for Thermocon chillers and heat cool pumps are seldom more than routine.

Why Cool Tech?

Thermocon heat pumps for swimming pools have long been in high demand by royal palaces, five star hotels and residential villas across the UAE.

The versatility of our chillers and heat cool pumps has made Thermocon a brand highly trusted across a wide range of industries.

From schools to hotels, plastic companies to gold refineries, sports club plunge pools to water jet machines - our experience is only surpassed by our expertise.


Our confidence at Cool Tech comes from our high in house production standards. Which are in keeping with European Standards such as ISO 9001:2015 and CE. From design to manufacturing, only upon passing these requirements is a machine deemed fit for delivery.

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Thermocon's Heat Cool Pump? It's like having a weather genie in our home. Super efficient, super comfy

John Smith

Thermocon's Chillers not only keep things cool but also made our business hotter


Thermocon's Heat Rejection Unit? it's a hero against the crazy UAE heat. Solid performance, no drama


You are so easy to work with and understand our aesthetic and direction so well.

Awesome company!! 😎
Eloise SmithUI/UX Developer

You are so easy to work with and understand our aesthetic and direction so well.

Excellent team!! 🤗
Ernest SmithSenior Analyst

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